The year was 1893. There were no churches in what was then called Dundee Lakes, so people were meeting in homes. A man taking a walk, a Mr. Aitken, encountered some boys playing ball. He asked them if they went to Sunday School. They said ‘no’, because there was no Sunday School. I don’t know his exact words, but I suspect he told his friends something like, “The children have no place to learn about Jesus.”

Well it all flowed from there. The Van Riper family donated some land. The founders had trouble raising the $1260 dollars needed for the first building but it eventually came together and opened in 1901. So there was Sunday School and there was worship—Sunday morning, Sunday evening and a mid-day services. And the people learned about Jesus; they became Christians; they became more like Christ.

That's what we've been about ever since. Below are some slides from our "Heritage Sunday" in November of 2019 as well as a film from 1948.

11-19-19-EPIC Presentation